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Structural Movers

Who Are Structural Movers?

There is no dictionary definition for a "structural mover." So, who are they?

    A structural mover is an individual or company that moves structures.

While this may sound rather simple, successfully moving large, cumbersome,heavy, small, weird shaped structures of various types is anything but simple. Lighthouses, hotels, movie theatres, airport terminals, barges, ships, bridges, grain elevators, houses, libraries, transformers, draglines, and viaducts are some examples of the type structures moved.

Moves such as these occur daily across North America and around the globe. In fact, relocating structures is the world’s oldest and largest recycling industry. The services provided by structural movers creates and saves jobs, preserves historic structures, prevents wasteful demolition, reduces material to landfills, provides increased opportunities for affordable housing and a whole multitude of additional benefits.